Introducing Dori!

Actor- Halldor Kristjansson
Actor- Halldor Kristjansson

Halldor Kristjansson, known to his fans as Dori, is an actor from Iceland who has overcome a diverse set of challenges and struggles to become the success that he is today. He was only four years old when he discovered his creative talents in his aunt’s choir. When his parents divorced in the early 1990’s, Dori moved with his mother and siblings around Scandinavia and the former Soviet Bloc countries of Eastern Europe. It was during this time that Dori learned a diverse number of languages, customs, and cultures. Eventually his family settled again in Iceland where Dori was able to begin living a stable life and continue his education. He worked his way through high school, taking jobs in commercial fishing, restaurants and security. Eventually, Dori was able to follow his passion and enrolled in film school, which became the launch pad into his career of acting, writing and directing. While attending film school in Iceland Dori continued worked odd jobs, supporting himself by working as a cab driver, truck driver, and even worked as a kindergarten teacher’s aid.

After completing his studies he wrote starred in two intense dramatic films – Einangrun (Isolation) alongside EDDA-Award winner Leo Gunnarsson and Strok, which made his name in the film Icelandic film industry. He also appeared in Baltasar Karmakur’s multiple-award winning film The Deep. Following the success of these films, Dori went on to write, direct, and star in several more films and stage productions in Iceland. It wasn’t long before he felt confined by the small industry in Iceland and headed for Hollywood, where he completed an acting degree at the famous Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, he hit the ground running landing major roles in several films for the Icelandic Ponies sketch comedy group, as well as the film Lost Angels starring Canadian Idol star Oliver Piggott, and the controversial neo-nazi film Spit. His film Dragon’s Lair, which he wrote and starred in is also currently in production. But his success is not confined to the silver screen. Dori also appeared on stage in The Cherry Orchard, Bengal Tiger at Baghdad Zoo, and Waiting for Lefty, where he worked with Oscar and Emmy-winner Milton Justice. He has also worked as a producer, editor, and all aspects of post-production – which makes him an incredibly well rounded filmmaker.

Because of his extensive and varied work experience, Dori has acquired many different talents and perspectives throughout his life which have proved to be a tremendous benefit to his film career. These days when he isn’t working as an actor or writer, he’s often making music – playing the guitar, keyboard, and flute. He is also a martial arts enthusiast.

From humble beginnings, Dori has overcome many obstacles and beat the odds to becoming a great actor and filmmaker. He brings a multitude of talents to the table, and becomes an indispensable member of any project he takes on. In addition to Dragon’s Lair, Dori is currently slated to work on the films Todd for Pain Productions and 6 out of 7 with Nemours Productions. We are certain to be hearing a lot more from this Icelandic prodigy in the upcoming years.