Thelma Gudmunds is the hottest actress Iceland has ever seen!

Actress Thelma Gudmunds
Actress Thelma Gudmunds

Iceland is probably one of the last places you think of when you hear the word hot, but after seeing the Icelandic beauty Thelma Gudmunds you will now. Already starring in commercials around the world, Thelma is poised to take the acting world by storm. Noted for her classical looks and chameleon like ability to play roles ranging from the typical damsel in distress to the feisty, independent woman on the go, Thelma is already receiving offers to star in a variety of roles. Unlike some women who would just take whatever is offered to them, Thelma chooses each role carefully, as she only wants to work with the best directors and finest script writers.

Some of Thelma’s early work, aside from the previously mentioned commercials, include roles in Natalie, Blood Wedding, Piaf, and After Mrs. Rochester. In the film Natalie, which Thelma ranks as one of her best experiences to date, she was able to be on set with the world famous Gerard DePardieu, who praised her for her versatility and talent”. He isn’t the only one she impressed with her performance as the great Paul Vale said of her :

“Thelma leads you to believe that she is not from Iceland, as her accent and her acting skills go way beyond the nativities of this place”.

Thelma Gudmunds has it all and the world at her feet and life just keeps getting better for this beautiful and talented actress from Iceland- watch this space!