Monica Nordlin: Getting Up Close To A Backup Dancer!



Finland's own! - Dancer, Monica Nordlin
Finland’s own! – Dancer, Monica Nordlin

Backup dancers by definition are supposed to be anonymous talent, dancing to the music of a person more famous than they are while not standing out. Monica Nordlin is one such person, except when she is on stage all eyes naturally are drawn to this Finnish beauty. I recently had the chance to pick her brain and what I found out was quite surprising. First off, despite her Finnish roots, she speaks both English and Swedish as well as she speaks her native Finnish. This caught me off guard, but allowed me to learn more than I could have hoped for. One of those things is Monica’s love for sun, surf, and the beach. Ironically, these are three things I don’t think of when I think of the country Finland, but they are some of Monica’s favorite things in life. In fact, she probably would have enjoyed her childhood a lot more if she was born in the Florida sunshine rather than the cold Finland days.

I was also able to learn that Monica is not just another young woman turned dancer, but is in fact a well trained dancer with plenty of natural talent. Apart from modern dance, Monica is trained in classical ballet, jazz dance, showdance, modern, contemporary, hip hop, burlesque and some tap dance. Monica feels that in order to be the best dancer you can be that you need to have some training in every style. This attitude is what has helped Monica stand out among her peers and what is going to lead her to be the dancer everyone is asking about in 2014.