Introducing Actress Yoshie Morino

Yoshie Morino
Yoshie Morino

If you ask the accomplished Japanese actress Yoshie Morino about her favorite role to date, she doesn’t hesitate to answer.  “My favorite role? ‘Lady’ in “Shakespeare’s Sonnet.”  “It was a piece about love, and I am all about love!” she laughs.  She is making waves in Hollywood as a versatile performer with a range of leading roles that are increasingly attracting notice from high-profile casting directors. Morino is best known for her performances in the SyFy hits Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, directed by Christopher Ray, and King of the Lost World, directed by Leigh Scott but she is also in strong demand as a commercial actress for major brands like MasterCard, Colgate and Shiseido to name a few.

Morino likely lands most of these successful commercial parts because of her classic, Japanese beauty, but she most enjoys roles that shatter stereotypes of what Asian women are supposed to be.  In her recent, leading role as a quirky, manic casting director in the TV series The Cat Diaries, Morino discovered a knack for comedy she hadn’t had a chance to explore in her previous theatrical and film work.  “I truly appreciate that I’ve had so many amazing opportunities with commercial work, but I really love being creatively challenged in new ways with every project I take on.”

What impressed me about Yoshie is that she has this sweet, gentle demeanor when you first meet her, and you think, “What a nice young Japanese woman,” says David Rimawi executive producer.  “I was wondering if she had what it takes to play Jenny in King of the Lost World.  But when I saw her perform, I saw this whole other side of her. She just totally subverts the stereotype of the Japanese woman as quiet and submissive.  She has such power and charisma.  I think that’s what’s exciting about her and her work.”

In addition to national commercials, television shows, films and theater performances, Morino has also appeared in “Chasing Happiness”, “Crossing Mary”, “The Mistress”, and “Friends” to name a few.

Written by: Staff writer, Sharon Harris