Australian Superstar- Shai Alexander

Shai Alexander
Shai Alexander

Shai Alexander is known in Australia for his numerous appearances in short films and plays but before he reached that esteemed position, he was a professional head hunter in the Netherlands. Shai has never stroke out that experience in his personal history because it exposed him to the dynamics of human nature and allowed him to have a better understanding of world cultures.

For Shai, global travel experience is an exceptional part of being an excellent actor. As an established actor, Shai received training from the veterans in the theatre and film industry. He studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Kensington and received special voice training from well known tutors in Australia. Shai also studied Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz and Broadway dance movements at the Sydney Dance Company.

Shai’s colorful acting experience includes roles in popular plays such as Cecily, Swings & and Suckers. Some of the films Shai held lead roles in are The Dark Story, Untouchable, What If, Forty Eight, Nicky Two Tone and Before the Rain. Shai is popularly noted for his exceptional stage and screen presence. It is almost impossible to ignore this bold and unique actor who boasts a very mesmerizing accent.

He has recently been scouted for a summer intensive program with Academy Award winning Russian director, Nikita Mikhalhov. Shai is grateful for all the exposure he has been receiving thus far. He intends to broaden his sphere of influence to include countries of the Western end of the globe. His most recent film, Dark Story has received international recognition since it premiered in several film festivals across the world.

Standing more than six feet tall, Shai Alexander is ready to take his acting career to another level to include lead roles in bigger film productions and stage plays in several countries across the world.