Ms. Versatile Actress- Valeria Gonzalez

The talented and beautiful Valeria Gonzalez
The talented and beautiful Valeria Gonzalez

Valeria Gonzalez never backs down from a challenge and she is always ready to immerse herself into a new experience. As a young actress, Valeria has one of the most favorable attributes in the entertainment industry and that is versatility. She competently performs the role of a shy reserved woman in one film and bounces back to self-motivated, flirtatious and enticing woman in another film. Valeria’s true strength is exposed through her acting craft as this medium allows her to express herself in the most creative ways possible.

Working with talented directors and actors has also contributed to her versatility. In the web series, Okupados she played the role of a prostitute who lived amongst a mixed group of people, ranging from spiritualists to heathens. Her involvement in this web series was quite rewarding as she got to show the world how forthright and seductive she could be.

Flipping back a few pages in her life, Valeria played the role of a reserved girl in the short film, Carpe Diem. This film showcased the calmer, more composed aspect of Valeria’s acting craft. Following the progress of this young actress clearly indicates that she was definitely born with a gift as she successfully assumes varied personalities depending on the film project.

Valeria’s versatility allowed her to secure a role in the Dolce Fantasia. Valeria explained that this film was particularly interesting because she had to play an alter/ego role of a shy woman who fantasizes about being an alluring extrovert. This was the ultimate test of her strength as an actress and Valeria passed with flying colors.

She not only captivated her audience and added to the film’s appeal factor, she also proved to herself that she has the versatility to assume any role, in any setting at any time. For Valeria Gonzalez, her diverse acting experience has fueled her drive and love for this career path.