Profile: Ashley Robinson

Actress- Ashley Robinson
Actress- Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson is not a new name to the theatre lovers in LA and Canada. She has been seen frequently seen in some remarkable stage plays like ‘Hamlet’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘A Murder is Announced’, ‘Animal Crackers’, ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Aladdin’. She is a refined actor and does justice to all her roles. If you are a frequent YouTube fan, then you would have also seen her in the popular web news series ‘The Comics Code’ as the host.

Her childhood was spent in Stratford, Canada where she lived with her parents, a younger brother and numerous pets. Her parents had instilled the love of reading and the arts in Ashley’s personality since she was very young. This is why she later moved to Los Angeles and studied English Literature and Theatre from the AMDA: College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts. However, her first exposure to theater began at a very young age with the Stratford Festival of Canada.

She later joined the ‘Playmakers! Theatre School’ where she got to work in her favorite play, Hamlet. Ashley also attended the University of Ottawa and remained engaged in the capitol city to work for various stage shows. After doing her BFA from AMDA is Los Angeles, she is now engaged in many plays where she is playing pivotal roles. She has also been engaged with many different theatre aces like Hollywood Fringe Festival, Deviant Pictures, Creating Arts Company and The Smiley Face and the Frown Entertainment Group.

Ashley has been a part of many student films and short films which include ‘Jekyll Hides’, ‘Cameron’ and ‘The Godfather: Police Version’ where she plays the lead. Apart from this, she has also worked for ‘Lethal Injection’ and ‘I am not sorry’.

Ashley was recently seen in the ‘Vagina Monologues’ created by The Smiley Face and the Frown Entertainment Group. Currently she is also working in ‘Cinderella’ as well as Martini Mom and Devil Spawn’. However, the most crucial of her performances would be for ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ by Creating Arts Company, where she plays the role of Edmund Pevensie.

She is very fluent with English, French, Latin and the American Sign Language. She aspires to play the role of a detective someday as she is deeply engrossed in studying Sherlock Homes novels. Aside from acting, she plays classical flute and is interested in origami, unarmed combat and horseback riding. She has also received a National Lifeguard Association Certificate for her swimming skills.