Erika Garces: Success well beyond South America

Erika Garces seen here in a Maroon 5 video.
Erika Garces seen here in a Maroon 5 video.

International stunner, Erika Garces was born and raised in Ecuador. Local modeling agents recognized her genuine talent and she was scouted for several fashion shows in her home country before she migrated to the United Kingdom. Erika’s career in the entertainment industry blossomed from there as she developed a passion for dancing and acting.

One of the main films Erika shot in Argentina was Milan directed by Alejandro Cuberos, where she plays a fashion producer that was sent from an important modeling agency in Italy to scout new girls for upcoming projects in the city of Milan.

On the final run, two Argentine models are competing to go to Milan, and only one will be chosen. Through evil comments and manipulation, the competition gets tough when one of the models achieves to make the other girl lose control and get into a fight. Obviously if the latter could’t handle the pressure of competition in the industry, she couldn’t get the job. Erika’s character in this movie is in charge of keeping this competition alive but at the same time smooth things out, keeping the balance and control throughout the story. This movie was sent to several international film festivals and gained recognition in the city of Buenos Aires through their theatrical screenings.

For theater she gave a great performance for Venecia by Jorge Accame in 2012, and in 2014 as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare at the LAGFF (Los Angeles Greek Film Festival)’s Orpheus Awards, produced by FOX Studios chairman, Dorothea Paschalidous.

Erika also was recently featured in the official Maroon 5 music video featuring renowned colombian artist J Balvin, and produced by Rumba Whoa. In this video Adam Levine is watching a soccer match on TV, where Erika is one of the main models in several scenes. She looks confident, beautiful and fun as always.

Erika also participated as one of the lead models for the REEF Surf Competition in Montanita, walked for Eco London Fashion Show, Art Hearts Fashion, LA Runway, Style Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week; not to mention all the runways she did in Ecuador and Argentina in the past 3 years. And to top it off, she got her first ‘Supermodel Award’ for Best Photogenic at the IFSM (International Fashion Supermodel Competition) organized by Chinese Director Michael Tse, giving her recognition in China and the Middle East.

This ecuadorian beauty has achieved great doings around the world and her country is grateful for that. Erika believes Ecuador needs a better international presence, which is one of her goals. Ecuador awaits anxiously for her next visit to her hometown, Quito.