Who is Karla Lopez?


Production Coordinator, Karla Lopez
Production Coordinator, Karla Lopez

Karla Lopez is a young lady from Costa Rica who possesses an intense passion for TV and movie production. From 2003 until 2005, Karla attended the Universidad de Costa Rica where she took two years of Dramatic Art studies. In 2006, until 2009, Miss Lopez attended the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, where she earned a B.A. in Journalism, with an Emphasis in Media Production. Continued studies through UCLA Extension, Karla earned a Certificate in Producing (2011-2012), and a Certificate in Cinematography (2010-2011).

Miss Lopez’s resume is impressive, especially so when you consider it’s the resume of someone so young. Her career in the production field began in 2009, which is when she freelanced with Channel 36 in Costa Rica. Since then, Karla has worn the mantels of Grip, Production Assistant, Production and Art Assistant, Production Coordinator, Field Producer, and Producer in numerous movies, short films, and TV productions.

Having already gained a wealth of theoretical knowledge through her formal education, and a great deal of practical experience, Karla is well qualified to take on the challenges of any production position. A native Spanish speaker, Karla Lopez is fluent in English, and her computer skills are extensive. Miss Lopez is familiar with a list of software that reads like the inventory of a computer retailer; InEntertainment, Breakdown Express, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mac environment and basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro and Audition 2.0.

Karla possesses excellent management skills, which when not applying those skills to her production work, she applies them to her volunteer work at the Child Life Department of the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital.

There’s no need to guess at what the future holds for Karla Lopez. Her passion for production, her skills, education background and hands on experience will all combine to propel Miss Lopez into roll after roll that call for her to take on the tasks of producer.