Getting to know Cinematographer, Anel Zilic!


Cinematographer, Anel Zilic!
Cinematographer, Anel Zilic!

Anel Zilic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but grew up in Sweden. Once he graduated from high school in Sweden, Anel moved to California to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming a Cinematographer. After earning a film production certificate from Santa Barbara City College, Anel transferred to Santa Monica College where he received an Associate of Arts degree in film production.

Zilic is currently the director of photography, making the YouTube partner web series “Development Hell” a reality. Anel is also working on a freelance basis in films, commercials, and corporate videos as a director of photography, and occasionally as first assistant camera.

In 2012 Anel Zilic was executive producer of the public service film that won the Audience Choice Award in the Intelligent Use of Water Competition. Titled, “The Wash”. He also shared the cinematography credit with Carla Dauden.

In a recent interview, Anel said that he has always been a movie buff, admiring the film industry as a kid. However, it wasn’t until he finished High school that Anel moved to Los Angeles and started to take film classes.

Anel said what inspired him most was his favorite movie of all time, Blade Runner. He explained that when he saw how much could be done with lighting he was amazed. Actually Anel was so taken by the movie he recommends anybody who want’s to become involved in cinematography watch Blade Runner.

Anel’s fascination with Blade Runner probably explains why, if given a choice of projects to work on he’d pick a Sci-Fi film. “I have always been a big fan off science fiction” Anel said. In all likelihood, it won’t be long before Anel Zilic will be able to pick and choose projects, the man has talent.