Cinematographer/Composer- Igor Karapetyan!!

Igor Karapetyan's latest project "The Myth Project:".
Igor Karapetyan’s latest project “The Myth Project:”.

Cinematographer and Composer, Igor Karapetyan working on his new project “The Myth Project”, set to be released soon.

Actor, stage director, music composer, cinematographic producer, drama teacher, songwriter, music producer, pianist; no I’m not just naming careers within the entertainment industry I’m talking about Igor Karapetyan.

Igor is now working on a music project dubbed “The Myth Project.” Some of Igor’s early works include a TV-series satirically based off of classic play. Video production and directing in the very competitive commercial industry are also on the resume of Igor Karapetyan. Igor is also currently involved with a YouTube show titled “Who is Who in Russian-Speaking California. ”

It is safe to say Igor is a very busy man. A busy man of a multitude of talents; his talents are not his only keys for his success though. Igor is also well educated having obtained a graduate degree in Kazan State Theater College for an Actor of Drama and Cinematography. He also has a Director of Drama degree from the Vaktangov Theatre Academy. Now, he is planning to continue his academic journey at the renowned UC Berkley.

Igor is talented in a vast number of areas in the entertainment industry and is well educated, constantly pursing knowledge pertaining to his craft. Those aspects of Igor are of course crucial to his many successes and future endeavors, but his professionalism is perhaps his greatest asset. Igor strives to be a professional at all times, during all projects and in all facets of life for that matter. Igor has once stated, “Honestly, it’s not about inspiration anymore, it’s about professionalism. I just experienced that and can do that and I know how to do that.”

Igor’s talents, education, and professionalism make him an asset to any project no matter the size you know you are going to get one hundred percent from Igor. He strives for perfection and excellence, and expects nothing less from his colleagues.