The world’s next supermodel- Charlotte Hock!

Model, Charlotte Hock
Model, Charlotte Hock

The stunning and resplendent Charlotte Hock hails from Germany. She started modeling 15 years ago for various global fashion magazines. She admits that she always been a huge fan of Cindy Crawford and considers her to be the original supermodel. She dedicates all of her work and passion to Cindy and strongly admires her as a role model. She had always dreamed of starting her career in Los Angeles, which she considered to be an enchanting place full of new opportunities and adventures.

Miss Hock is extremely excited towards doing L.A. Fashion week and some upcoming red carpet events. Charlotte Hock prefers dresses that highlight a woman’s best assets, which in turn helps in making her feel confident and sexy at the same time. She is in love with designers like Chanel and Alexander McQueen for their elegant and extravagant outfits. Her favorite designers also include Versace and Cavalli for their sexy and provocative dresses.

She is ambitious and wishes to succeed not only at the work front or professional level but also desires to be a good individual. She wants to be surrounded by success everywhere she goes.

Charlotte Hock has modeled for many runway shows from a tender age and has modeled for numerous magazines in Switzerland, London, Denmark, Florida, Spain, Lebanon and many more countries. She is currently residing in Los Angeles and wants to continue modeling in the hope to attain some strong Hollywood roles.

She has appeared in several TV commercials for McDonalds and Ford Falcon in Australia at the ages of 27 and 29 respectively. She has also appeared in many well known magazines all around the world, some of them being – Dolly Magazine in Australia, Cleo Magazine in Australia, Cosmopolitan Magazine in London, Bridgette Magazine in Germany, Fur She Magazine in Germany, Westside Magazine in London, Absolutely Magazine in London, FK Magazine in Holland and Fashionista Magazine in Holland.

She advises young models or models to be, that: a person should not only be healthy in terms of having a proper diet or maintaining their figure, but according to Charlotte, a person is healthy from the body and soul.