Australia's Morgan Jago
Australia’s Morgan Jago

Indie pop is a genre of music which is starting to gain ground. It is not ubiquitous just yet for the simple reason that it does not comprise of hip-hop or R&B which is so prevalent in today’s society. Indie pop is easier listening music which is completely different from indie rock; it provides a calmer and fresher experience of music. As the Y generation demands mass-produced commercialism, the sprig of indie pop is starting to grow roots. Simple and yet so appealing is the allure of this genre and despite of running slow in the race, indie pop is making its mark in the hearts of more and more people. Indie pop singers are like treasures for the music industry, and one of its gems is the artist known as Morgan Jago.

True diamonds always remain unearthed and that statement has been proven by the artist Morgan Jago. Morgan Jago is an Australian singer, musician and songwriter who colored the music industry like an unsung (or more accurately sung) hero. She hails from a small farming community in northern Australia and started her career as a ballerina when she was a kid and then continued the journey of a performer and into a multi-faceted personality. She is cheerful, full of positivity and depth which one can experience through her music. One of her most famous songs ‘Hope & its Consequences’ is a handpicked example of her ebb and flowing songwriting ability.

Morgan Jago is a singer who possesses a voice that has the ability to make you fall in love with her and her songs. Her voice has the capability of generating a vibrato and the power to energize any words to motion, which makes her songs live. Morgan Jago’s magnetism lies in her lyrics more so than her instrumental ability; her voice itself is an ornament to her songs. She unusually uses both piano and guitar to write and has been quoted saying that she would love to collaborate with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, another Australian songwriting force.

Morgan Jago inspires youth with her passion and is not the type of person who thinks much about the future and worries. She’s not a planner and embraces the challenges of life with just as much power as she sings her songs. Big things are in store for this jewel of the music industry.