Finland’s Johanna Lukkari by Guest Writer Scott Barron

Finland's Johanna Lukkari
Finland’s Johanna Lukkari

The entertainment industry is not bound by geographical boundaries or nationalities; we have witnessed the rise of actors and actresses who were Australian, British and even South Africans in Hollywood. Honestly speaking Hollywood is one of those places where discrimination as far as talent and looks are concerned is almost non existent. Maybe this is the reason that Johanna Lukkari ventured here from Finland.

The young Finnish woman born in the country side moved to the hub of entertainment Los Angeles around four years ago with dreams and hopes of becoming a star. Johanna is a natural blonde with deep blue eyes that can inspire poets to write poetry and her pleasant face is one which can make you fall head over heels in love with her. Lukkari from her childhood days loved watching movies; apparently her favorite being beauty and the beast, today definitely she qualifies as the beauty.

Johanna with her 5 ft 5 inches height, ideal figure and lovely eyes is best suited for romantic movies. She has acted in minor roles since 2009 but even when she played those minor roles her looks and talent could be noticed easily. She can speak English in British accent and also Spanish fluently. Lukkari is well aware that hollywood is not an easy ‘place’ to be and success depends on a lot of things including lady luck.

Johanna is a determined individual and entirely devoted to being a full time actress; for this sole purpose she has been training at the Art of acting studio for the last year and a half. She is sweet, polite and considerate; her innocent face is captivating and her ability to play different roles with considerable ease makes her a ‘good catch’. Lukkari is a skilled piano player and has been cast in a comedy feature film that begins filming next month. After seeing her pictures and commercials; you will love to see her in ‘action’ on the big screen!