The wonderfully talented and determined- Coral Orr

The beautiful, Coral Orr
The beautiful, Coral Orr

Coral Orr, born and raised in Ramat-Gan, Israel was only 14 years old when she was discovered by a world renowned modeling agency. From this point on, her career has been moving upward. Coral Orr is a talented model, actress, and singer, and loves interacting with people on camera. Since her discovery, she has been in magazines, fashion shows, TV programs and has even hosted some TV programs.

Coral is exciting, exotic, and beautiful. She is also filled with determination to succeed, always looking to the stars and expecting to reach them. Her drive is fueled by her childhood, where she was an only child to her mother and raised as such. She watched her mother struggle to make ends meet and she decided then, that she would make things better. She started dance classes at the age of 5 and began to perform in musicals in local festivals at the age of 8.

Coral Orr has the talent to go from one extreme to another. One minute she will look sweet and innocent and the next she will give you that sultry look. Her talent will draw you in and make you want to see more of what she can do. In late 2011, she modeled on the runway for Israeli hair dresser, Avi Fadida. She followed this up with magazine photo shoots, runway shows with evening wear and wedding dresses designed by Israeli designers. Coral can also be seen in an interview show for Europe Models TV.

Also in late 2011 Coral was noticed by a scout for the Israeli “Models TV” and she was offered a job hosting an interview show, which she accepted. She began covering local events such as new club openings, and restaurant openings. Coral was very good at what she was doing and was promoted to interviewing at celebrity events. Coral Orr is dedicated to her career and is determined to move forward as an actress, model, and singer. She has since moved to Los Angeles to help with that goal. In the near future, Coral has an exciting project coming out that is to be kept under wraps right now, but promises to be huge. The sky is the limit, for this beautiful and talented beauty!