Australia’s Stephen Barr making waves in Hollywood!

Australian Music Executive and Author, Stephen Barr
Australian Music Executive and Author, Stephen Barr

Stephen Barr is a former music industry executive having specialized in marketing both nationally and internationally. Stephen spent nearly 25 years years in the music business working in sales,promotions, marketing and advertising for various musicians and bands. Some artistes of note include many of the world’s most famous acts. It’s a varied and stellar cast of performers that Stephen has drafted sales and marketing strategies for including Kenny Rogers, John Denver, INXS,  Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Soundgarden to name just a few.

 Stephen started his career in the early 1980’s. He became a promotion manager at RCA Records. At that time he was working with country music icons John Denver and Kenny Rogers. From here he moved into to Sales, Advertising and Marketing with Polygram Music. It was here that he worked with Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, John Mellencamp and Van Morrison.

 Soon thereafter, in 1995, he moved on to join Geffen Music. Geffen Music is owned by David Geffen, a well known industry icon. Stephen was delighted to be recruited by the boutique premier label. David Geffen had been a motivating force for Stephen over the years and it was entrepreneurial pioneers like David Geffen that motivated and inspired Stephen to reach heavy executive heights with the corporate world of music.

 In 1996/97 Stephen was able to add more high profile musicians to the list of musical luminaries as the Geffen/MCA roster expanded. They included BECK, and No Doubt. Stephen played a significant and integral part in these acts gathering momentum and contributing to their international success. By 2000 Stephen became the International Marketing Director at Universal Music. Stephens expertise was now utilized to establish fledgling Hip Hop artistes Jay Z , Snoop Dogg and Eminem, taking them to the top of the music world.

 Stephen remained the National Marketing Manager at Universal Music for near 12 years eventually resigning from Universal in 2010. Stephen saw opportunities elsewhere and was eager to develop and diversify his career but still reigning in the entertainment world. Stephen Barr has over thirty years of experience in Sales, Advertising, and Marketing and has built many relationships with influential people in the corporate world.

 This amazing and talented man has changed the lives of many people over the course of his career, and he is nowhere near finished. He believes that you never quit learning and his prime focus is climbing to the top of your field taking those he believes in with him. Stephen has studied markets, demographics and appreciates its imperative to act swiftly and professionally amidst ever changing market forces.

 Stephen has been a mentor and inspiration to many new comers in the music business and is comfortable dispensing sage advice to the younger professionals part of the digital brigade who understand Stephen is creative and acknowledges and practices a high standard of operations. He is not designed to fail, everything that he touches turns into something successful. This man can spin gold and he’s more than content sharing in the potential spoils for those who rise with him..