Ayesha Fraser in “Hey Day” by John Henry Richardson

Australia's Ayesha Fraser in "Hey Day"
Australia’s Ayesha Fraser in “Hey Day”

Ayesha Fraser, has come a long way from her hometown of Newcastle, Australia to the bright lights of Hollywood, with her much sort after acting talent. Ayesha can be seen in the short film, entitled “Hey Day” a dramatic thriller. Hey Day has been entered to the “15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival” in Cocoa Beach, Florida, taking place in November, 2013.

The film focuses on Caitlin, played by Ayesha, a struggling heroin addict, who takes on what seems to be the biggest obstacle and challenge of her life – the road to recovery. Ayesha was initially brought in to audition against many other American actresses, but in the end, the part belonged to her. Director John Henry Richardson needed someone who could go through the emotional frailty, deep depression and states of anger to portray the role of Caitlin. Although the character was very manic, there was still an aspect of innocence and strength, which could allow the audience to love the character of Caitlin and connect with her.

John Henry Richardson believed Ayesha had the appropriate training and the look he was searching for to bring the character of Caitlin to life and capture the hearts of the viewers. Ayesha is very proud of this role, as it allowed her to show some true emotion from deep within and be able to connect with many others that may have also, been at their lowest point in life. The viewers are going to be amazed by Ayesha’s performance in “Hey Day”- not to be missed.