Andrew Hofman: A sublime illustration of sheer talent

Australian Singer and Actor- Andrew Hofman
Australian Singer and Actor- Andrew Hofman

Andrew Hofman is a well-known performer and actor, who has the gift of portraying each character with substance and creativity, which sets him aside from many others of his generation. His personality has not only shown the world the potential a human mind is capable of attaining but has also illustrated the multitasking capability many are capable of developing within themselves. He displayed his potential as an excellent actor in the mini TV series “Rogue Nation”, where he was cast as “Edward McArthur”.

Andrew Hofman was born and raised in Sydney Australia. He took his first acting lessons from the “Avatar”, “Terminator: Salvation”, “Clash of The Titans and its sequel”, famed actor Sam Worthington. Sam Worthington was impressed beyond words with Andrew’s talent in giving his best performance within the first scene. His acting proficiency was first noticed in the above mentioned TV series i.e. “Rogue Nation”, which earned him the applause of some very prominent casting agents and acting personalities in Hollywood. He has since been taken in by famed acting coach Susan Batson in New York, who has trained such personalities as Nicole Kidman and Juliette Binoche.

Furthermore, Andrew Hofman is a fine illustration of multi-talent as he also has quite the proficiency as a singer. It was seen when he exhibited his proficiency in the Sydney Super Dome and Sydney Opera House in front of scores of guests, who were obliged to applause and even remark on Andrew’s talent as a singer. His performance earned him the opportunity to sing in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Les Miserables’. He also displayed his musical talents during the world premiere of ‘Hooked’ in Sydney. Consequent to this, he was given an opportunity from vocal coach Karen Nimereala the disciple of the legendary tenor, none other than Franco Corelli.

After consecutive success in the field of music and acting, Andrew Hofman finally moved to New York City to enhance his prospect and career. His proficiency in his field of work and the multi talent he is possessing has earned Andrew the admiration of many, who are looking forward to get a piece of him, as they believe he will do superb in any role he takes on. Andrew Hofman is another Aussie, who is bound for much success in the world of entertainment!