Talented Actress Lucy Campbell


Australia's Lucy Campbell
Australia’s Lucy Campbell

Lucy Campbell hails from Australia and is a part of the new generation of young and talented Aussie actors. She has had a career that took her through advertising and radio presenting then finally to acting. She started working with Saatchi & Saatchi in the beginning of her career. After working there for a while, she shifted to Singleton Ogilvy & Mather. In both agencies, she worked in the creative department, thanks to her intelligence and incredible talent. Lucy had been doing various vox pops in advertising as a favour for her team. One day the Pizza Hut client passed on a message to Lucy’s boss and said “without a doubt that girl should be in front of the camera..she went above and beyond with the Pizza Hut vox pops and she has such an ease with people and a personality that needs to be shared on camera” .Already being passionate about acting, Lucy listened to this feedback and left advertising to pursue acting.

Following in the footsteps of her idols, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett, she soon started acting. At 24 years of age, her acting career began. However, she found the nature of the acting process too unpredictable and waiting for the phone to ring got the better of Lucy and she moved into radio that was beckoning her and appeared to be more of a sure thing. After years of working in that industry, she finally took up a 6 week acting course at age 30. The Susan Batson Studio and The Atlantic Theater were her next stops and she is still associated with them.

She did a short film titled ‘Diamonds’ and her latest film is ‘Welcome to New York’. However, her voice talent still comes to the forefront on numerous occasions. She has done voice overs for Huggies, Special K, Homeland TV, Good Food Week, Babies R Us amongst others. She is also a singer and a songwriter and has recorded songs as well. She has performed at prestigious places including El Rocco Jazz Club, The Basement amongst others under the name of duo ‘Johnnie4Lucy’.

This 34 year old actress also featured in ING Bank and Cheesecake Shop commercials and has become a household name in Australia. She has also worked as an emcee in various stage shows and musical performances. However, one of her hidden talents includes skiing. She is a ski instructor as well. This sends us waves of awe on how this wonderful lady found the real dream of her life and is becoming a very sort after actress. She says that she only realized on her 30th birthday that her life has to take a u-turn and she has to go back to her first love, acting. She has been realizing a number of her talents and we wish her all the best for her future.