Actor Profile: David Mihalka


Actor/Photographer David Mihalka
David Mihalka

David Mihalka is one such person whose talent is not limited to acting alone. In addition to acting, the actor loves photography and his interest in the field is all that reflects in his photographs too. Through his natural and refreshing photographs he has carved a niche for himself. However, the good life he is living today did not come easy to him. He had his own share of struggles and difficult times that tested him to the core but ultimately he emerged out as a winner and today he is among the finest actors whom people love to watch.

The life of David Mihalka started from Czech Republic, where he was born. He has been through a lot of ups and downs and that has shaped his personality. For most of his life till now, he has traveled a lot. He loves traveling and his flair to explore new places started at quite a young age.

His life took a u-turn when he began a wild lifestyle of partying and was lost in a world of his own and did not know where he was going. It was during this period when David’s father gifted him a little camera which later on gave him a direction to pursue photography seriously. In fact, it was photography that led him to focus on the present and not on the past or the future. Photography did have a strong impact on the actor’s life and he was finally able to see the beautiful world out there waiting to be explored by him. As such David Mihalka is especially attracted towards abstracts and doesn’t hesitate from creating something interesting out of the ordinary.

Photography also taught the actor to be more confident than before. For many years, he had been dreaming of pursuing acting. However, he never invested in this dream enough until he realized that acting was something he really wanted to do. David Mihalka’s keen observation comes from his love for photography that further brought him to acting.

Given the kind of life he was living earlier, David was exposed to different life experiences. The knowledge that he gained from such experiences helped him as an actor. He pursued Stella Adler’s acting school to further polish his knowledge and learn more about acting skills. Today he has dedicated himself towards acting. No matter which role he gets to play he does justice to the character and that is why the audience has always appreciated his works.

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