Profile: Actress, Kate Austin

Australia's Kate Austin
Australia’s Kate Austin

There are not many people in the entertainment industry who are as gifted and talented as Kate Austin. This Australian red head actress has made sure that she gets listed as one of the most versatile people, the industry has seen.

Born in Sydney, she has done many movies, television series and commercials. In her earlier career was repeatedly cast in theater productions including the classics such as Shakespeare and Chekov. Whilst she adores the stage it is film that preoccupies her mind these days. She holds a Diploma in Performance from her hometown Sydney and can often be seen on television commercials, Aussie drama guest roles and Indi films setting the whole environ on fire.

She is one actress who loves the darker shades of life. She claims to have battled against her stereotype her whole life and only now feels like she’s won, coming into the roles she has always desired and being seen by casting directors in that unique way she always wanted.

I always hated being put into a box, so to my detriment growing up I’d refuse roles because I didn’t want to be seen in a certain way. I slowly realized that you should grab every opportunity when you’re up and coming, go against the grain, create your own opportunities within each role, get picky once you’ve got roles flowing in! Some people would disagree but if I was talking to my adolescent self that’s what id say”

In order to live and breath dark, quirky, dangerous characters Kate created her own film company ‘Provoke Pictures’ As the name suggests she aims to the stimulate, inspire, or incite someone to take action. “I have many films in the pipeline being developed that wont sit so easily with many people but they are stories that I believe need to be told”

This Dynamo woman not only lights up the screen front of the camera but also inspires behind the camera, directing and producing projects she is not in. “I’m a little old school but unless you are Mel Gibson you choose, either Act or Direct. Very few people can pull off both” “Actors have a tendency to indulge themselves,” she says with a smile.

With plenty of business acumen from her former life, she’s one smart cookie that stands on the opposite side from a push over. Whilst totally candid she has spent plenty of time with humility growing up and this shows in the beautiful and honest way she portrays herself in her life.

She has appeared on films like ‘225’, ‘The Reason Behind Me’, ‘Deliberation’, ‘Breaking Barriers’ and ‘Self Service’ in leading roles. Her best-known television series appearances include ‘Home and Away’, ‘The Newtown Girls’ and ‘Dream Teenz’.

However it’s the coming productions she is most excited about. “I have a few films in pre production right now that I’m really excited about the journey and outcome. These combined with my move to the states to be more fully part of this industry I love so much, all I can say is the future looks bright”

If the future is anywhere as bright for Kate Austin as the energy she exudes and her radiant glow we will all see a lot more of her name in the future.