Actor Umar Khan- A force to be reckoned with!

Umar Khan
Umar Khan

If you can write up a list of sexy celebrity actors, there is an assurance that you would not go far on that list without making mention of Umar Khan. Born, on the 7th day of June 1982 in Lahore, a city widely reported to be the largest in the region of Pakistan’s eastern border with India, Umar was soon to become a force to be reckoned with.

 While growing up, his father was a civil servant of repute in Pakistan. His father was not that comfortable with the military dictatorship government of his country so he decided to abandon his career as a civil servant in 1984, just two years after Umar’s arrival into this world. This later paid off as he was determined to bring up his children in a just and fair environment based on a democratically elected government. This decision landed Umar and his entire family in Sweden where he was to begin a new life in a new home. I am sure that looking back he would really be glad his father took that singular decision. Umar grew up as a little boy training and studying many physical activities. In no time he was actively involved in basketball, handball, soccer, badminton and swimming.

 Turning 7 years of age was a very determining time in Umar’s life, as he discovered the legendary Bruce Lee and martial arts. This went ahead to fire up his aged long passion, as he began to imitate all the different moves he saw made in famous Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. It was not long when Umar, at that age of seven started forming new moves of his own. This passion has been the very source of his popularity starting as a kid in his school years, up until now; I can ascertain authoritatively here that we have not seen all that Umar has to offer.

 Umar’s goal was to become an actor who did ALL of his own stunts, but with focus on becoming a veteran actor, in addition to just focusing on his martial arts. While continuing with his acting career, Umar decided to start his career as a stunt man also and made his first appearance on screen by the age of 20. He then landed his first job in one of the leading television networks in Sweden, seen by millions of viewers. He performed excellently as expected and was handed several other jobs following this.

 For a man who has a great passion for physical activities, Umar was soon to start off on another physically strenuous career in extreme sports popularly known as ‘X’ sports. His success in this field stands out. Umar is aware of what it takes to keep up in his career so you can find him in several training sessions to keep his body fit and in shape. Umar will no doubt continue to soar to the skies in his career.