Jelena Popovich- Conquering the Acting World

Serbia's Jelena Popovic- The one to watch!
Serbia’s Jelena Popovich- The one to watch!

Jelena Popovich is as actress, blessed with both looks and talent and not to mention a heart of gold. Not only has she dedicated her time to her love of acting, but she also finds the time to help others in need, including the elderly and orphaned children. Jelena is a world traveller and likes to consider herself a global citizen. She feels she belongs everywhere.

Jelena started her acting training at the acting conservatory in Prague where she also acted in a number of films and plays. After learning that her two favorite actresses, Juliette Binoche and Nicole Kidman trained with Susan Batson in New York, Jelena made it her goal to follow in their footsteps and take acting classes with Susan.

Jelena’s training includes acting for Screen and Stage at the Equity Showcase Theatre and Professional Actors Lab in Toronto, Canada; Shakespeare Conservatory with Andrew Tidmarsh from RADA; and Guy Roberts (the director of Prague Shakespeare Theatre).

After proving her talents as an actress, Jelena became a sought after actress and is currentl acting in a Slices of Lives Production of Frida Kahlo in the Broadway Theatre District. Jelena is the writer and performer of “Tree of Hope, Remain Strong” produced by Susan Batson Studio LLC and directed by Susan Batson where she plays the role of Frida Kahlo. This has been Jelena’s favorite role to play so far, as it has been challenging, which is what has kept Jelena so passionate and close to the character. To prepare for the role, Jelena traveled to the actual home in Mexico, where Frida resided with her husband Diego Rivera. She also visited places that Frida would frequent and immersed herself in the culture of Mexico. Jelena was able to meet Frida and Diego’s families and along the way, fell in love with the culture of Mexico, which inspired her to create the character of Frida. Audiences are raving about Jelena’s portrayal of Frida and she is certainly making her mark on the acting world. Where so many others have struggled to be noticed or discovered, Jelena set out with a dream and made it happen by staying focused and working extremely hard to reach the popularity she has reached today.

Coming up next for Jelena, she can be seen in “Tree of Hope, Remain Strong”, which is a play that was written and performed by Jelena and can be seen every Saturday at 8 pm at the Susan Batson Studio in New York, starting on March 23 to April 27.

The present is amazing for Jelena and her career, but the future looks to be even more exciting at the rate, this beautiful and talented actress is heading!