Beautiful and talented actress- Deniz Olgac

The stunning Deniz Olgac
The stunning Deniz Olgac

Deniz Olgac was born and raised in the beautiful seaside resort town of Bodrum, Turkey, often referred to as the San Tropez of Turkey, before moving to Istanbul.  As an actress as well as model, she has made a respected name for herself in the Television and Film industries.  Admired by Turkish audiences as well as internationally for her modeling and commercial work, Deniz is an actress with remarkable acting skills and tremendous passion.

Growing up, Deniz was a shy girl but transformed herself as her passion for dramatic arts increased over time.  She fell in love with American cinema, growing up watching movies like Jurassic Park, Back to the future, Splash, etc., which built in her the urge to be a part of the American entertainment industry.  She trained as a stage actress with a Degree in Dramatic Arts and Communication in Istanbul, and graduated from the on-camera acting program at UCLA.  Her professional career started in the theatre, with the Bald Soprano, which caught the eyes of many casting directors. The producer of the famous television series, Hepsi 1, approached Deniz for a role in the series, which furthered her fan base and got her signed with the biggest agency in Turkey, Gaye Sokmen.  Hepsi 1 aired on a major Turkish network and became a hit comedy, watched and liked by millions of people.

Deniz went on to star in the cult comedy film, No Offsides, the #1 box office horror film, Dabbe 2, and established a career in modeling, giving her the opportunity to express herself and portray her beauty and talent through this platform as well.  She became the international face of Mavi jeans and starred in commercial campaigns for Fiat and others.  Finally, before coming to the US, Deniz was chosen to play the intense, dramatic role of Melek in the film, The Partner. In this drama, she plays the role of a small town girl who moves to Istanbul with naïve hopes of life in the big city, but ends up in a world of destructive relationships, facing gut-wrenching decisions.

Now Deniz is proving herself in the bright lights of Hollywood and her future looks very promising!