Delia Farizath- Looks, Talent and Intelligence!

Delia Farizath and the Legendary Carmen Zapata
Delia Farizath and the Legendary Carmen Zapata

Delia Farizath has it all- Looks, talent and intelligence. The Mexican-born actress has always been passionate about acting and singing. Since arriving in Hollywood to continue her success in acting on the stage and screen, Delia has not looked back.

Farizath’s starring film roles include Need Help?, Love at First Sight, Bliss, and You Think You Know.  She also had  roles in The Traveler’s List and Love Is Game.  Her television appearances include 1000 Ways to Die, Salud Emocional, and A Cada Quien Su Santo.  Farizath has also starred in music videos including MTV Award winner- Tyler the Creator’s “Rella” and on stage in several other productions.

Theater wise, Delia recently starred in the Play “Salon Mexico” playing the role of Dorita, in affiliation with Carmen Zapata at the Bilingual Foundation Of The Arts. “Salon Mexico” was directed by Margarita Galban and Lina Montalvo. Dorita was a waitress, singer and dancer at Salon Mexico, who falls in love with the owner of the night club Gil Santos. Dorita realizes Gil was just using her and promising to make her famous, when in fact, he was just lying and leading her on. In the end, Delia decides to leave the club and work instead, at the famous nightclub “El botellón Amarillo”. Delia’s role as Dorita, had audiences glued to their seats watching her play such a compelling role receiving rave reviews for her performance. The play was hugely successful with a full house every night and a stellar cast of amazing actors.

In the near future, this is just the top of the iceberg for this super star, who already has a huge name in the world of acting. She´s already writing the script for her next movie that is based on an experience she lived this year that totally changed her life.

Delia Farizath in "Doritas"
Delia Farizath in “Doritas”