Hollywood is watching Mexico’s Lorena McGregor

Lorena McGregor
Lorena McGregor

Lorena McGregor is a highly talented theater and film actress having featured in many thought provoking, brilliant and emotional roles. This Latin actress excels at challenging and moving performances, putting her all into every character that she portrays.

Chavez“ directed by Diego Luna, and written by the Academy Award nominated Keir Pearson (Hotel Rawanda – 2004) features Lorena McGregor as “Sylvia Chavez”. This brilliant role has Lorena playing the daughter of “Cesar Chavez”, the civil rights activist and labor organizer. Acting as the second oldest child, Sylvia, Lorena portrayed clearly and accurately the role of her character in this epic struggle. The unity of the Chavez family was well enacted, and the moral correctness of always having conviction in your rights was well displayed.

The Shadow Box is a theater production written by Michael Christopher and directed by Bonnie McNeil in which Lorena plays “Maggie” an extremely conflicted character, wife to a terminally ill patient. Maggie displays the strength and determination of the female gender, and reflects a good mother and wife. Many women can relate to the role played by Lorena, having lost their love having loneliness haunt them. Lorena correctly projects all of the director’s intentions in this stunning performance.

Harlem is known to be a violent and tumultuous city, and in this role Lorena plays Marcia, sister to a community activist nun coming from a violent home involving alcoholism. This difficult part embodied many basic human emotions, and proves to be an insightful performance. The balance of the character portrayed and the reflection of her inner thoughts were well enacted, showing what a truly talent actress Lorena is.

Lorena McGregor’s acting ability has been tested throughout these varied roles and she always delivers. Her multifaceted talent has been further shown in J.B. directed by Milton Justice, and written by Archibald MacLeish. This is play modernizes the biblical story of Job. In this play Lorena features as both Mr. Zeus (a subtle representation of God) and the lead, J.B.’s, little daughter Mary. By playing in roles such as this, Lorena lets us see her true inner nature. The lessons taught through the well portrayed actors and actresses in theater productions such as J.B. are valuable to all. The talent showed by Lorena in plays such as this alerts us to the fact that she is not only a talented performer, but also a loving, grateful and compassionate person.

In the 2012 production of “Mansion of Blood” directed and written by Mike Donahue, Lorena plays the role of Lisa, one of the party guests. This horror, set in an abandoned haunted mansion, has drawn great attention worldwide and is a well acclaimed indie title.

Intelligent, beautiful, dedicated, innovative, talented are but a few of the many words that could be used to describe this Latin muse of an actress. A kind person who puts many hours of dedication into each of her roles, Lorena McGregor should be seen as a shining example to those wishing to break into the scene, and she should be well observed over the coming months.