Rising Star- Brazilian actress, Julie Mullins- by Guest Writer

Actress, Julie Mullins
Actress, Julie Mullins

The stunning Julie Mullins is an up and coming actress who has a style and persona that can’t be matched. She’s no newcomer to the world of performing and has a rich history in acting, dancing as well as modeling. Her love for the theater and the performing arts is what sets her apart from a lot of other actresses in the industry. Beautiful as she is talented, Julie Mullins continues to please her fans around the world and has a passion for doing so.

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Julie was exposed to the wonders of performing arts at the tender age of five. She’s quite the jack of all trades as her dance history includes tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop styles. Having a gift for performing and a strong passion for the arts, she believed she had found her calling.

As she progressed through school, she became more and more interested in all different aspects of performing. She went on to star in various theater plays and at the early age of fifteen, Julie began to model and was eventually signed by an agency known as Elite Models located in Brazil. She spent the majority of her teenage years honing her skills by attending various theater, dance and modeling classes that have helped her develop exceptionally well. This led her to star in various theater plays as well as soap operas.

Julie moved to Los Angeles, California in 2008 to pursue her acting career. She participated in various independent movies, which led her to and from California and Brazil. In 2012 Julie starred as the infamous Snow White in a play titled ‘Happily Whatever After.’ At the moment Julie is starring in a film called “How Some People Make Babies” which is a captivating drama. She’s got a lot of other projects that she’s working on as well, including a web-series that is due out in January of 2013.

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