Aussie Actress, Anna McGrath in Hollywood By: Guest Writer


Australian Beauty- Anna McGrath
Australian Beauty- Anna McGrath

The world of showbiz can be a very cut-throat, ruthless world. It can eat you alive without losing any sleep about it. Some people spend their entire lives and go nowhere all in the name of pursuing dreams. You can spend thousands in head shots and hours upon hours in auditions and be no closer than you were when you first tried. And then you have those who are destined to be stars, just something about them screams radiance and the crowds just eat them up. Such is the case for Anna Elizabeth McGrath. She is a graduate of University of Cambridge and the Universitéde Paris II Panthéon-Assas. She has been an accomplished actress since leaving Australia to live out her dreams. Anna has been in theater, television and feature films. What makes her such a great find is she can do all of this in three different languages.

 One of her first acting gigs, which was given huge reviews, was a production of Hamlet. She was the youngest and played the part of Claudius. She also played at the re-opening of The Bailey Bar which is very famously associated with literary greats in Dublin. Anna is certainly one of those people that the camera just loves. After all, with her deep green eyes, long luxurious red hair and beautiful face, it is hard not to notice her. One of her most recent pieces was a 12 episode web series send-up of a reality show where eight young people vie for a position within the Central Europe Intelligence Agency where Anna plays a senior Field Agent who is actually a double agent.

 Anna, still being young, has made a great name for herself. Her brilliant acting and charming looks have taken her to heights beyond the dreams of the many who have tried before her, the only difference is they faltered where she excelled.

 In 2012, Anna, featured in mobile phone short called “Capturing Beauty” which was filmed entirely on Android and iPhone. “She was filmed in “The Smoker and the Dame Who Wore Red Shoes” one of Ireland’s most anticipated features for 2013 in which she played the lead villain. “The Smoker and the Dame Who Wore Red Shoes” will premiere in the US in 2013 and is one of Anna’s most anticipated roles of her career, so far.

 Anna is currently working on the short film named “The Burning of Bridget Cleary” which is based on the story of Bridget Cleary, who in 1895 was burned alive by her husband as a suspected fairy. To top it all off Anna is also a model. She recently modeled for Claire Garvey.

With her talents and looks, she could be one of those actresses that lasts forever in front of the camera like many other acting greats. Anna McGrath is a star in the making and soon the rest of world will be embracing this gorgeous Aussie’s amazing talent.

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