Biography of Tomas Decurgez- By Guest Writer


Actor- Tomas Decurgez
Actor- Tomas Decurgez

Tomas Decurgez, the oldest of two, was born in the countryside of Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 25, 1985. Born to parents that were supportive of their children’s desires and dreams, his brother became a musician and Tomas an actor.

 His parents realized Tomas’ talents when he and his younger brother would put on plays and puppet shows for the family. As the older of the two, Tomas was always the lead part in these shows.

 All through his school years, Tomas kept drawing, painting and had roles in school plays. As he became a young teen, he followed his dreams and began studying acting. He had small theatrical parts in Lujan,Buenos Aires.

 While he still dreamed and pursued an acting career, Tomas used his musical talent to form a grunge band where he would be the lead vocalist and played bass guitar. Moving to the city of Buenos Aires at the age of 18, he would begin to focus more on his acting and studied Fine Arts for five years as he honed his skills.

 During this time of studying, Tomas would audition for parts when they came about. He earned a part in the play “The Anatomy Lesson” at the Empire Theater in Buenos Airies. In-between auditions, he tended bar for income.

 Tomas did a walk on audition for a a commercial and landed the part. Shortly after, he signed with EPBookers as his agent and landed more than 300 parts in commercials during the 8 years he was with them. Among those commercials, he had parts in Budweiser, Coca Cola, Garnier, McDonalds,Movistar, Pantene, Orange, Sprite, Volkswagon and many others.

 Tomas has traveled to various places to perform in theater and commercials. Among his travels are Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru,Tailand and Uruguay. He has worked in well known theatre productions such as Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Yerma”(2005) and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Stevenson. (2006. he also directed a Woody Allen play “Death Knocks” (2008).

With some TV pilots and shows on Argentina station channels 9 and 13, Tomas has been in American, English, Italian and Spanish productions as well. Meeting Casting Director Norma Angeleri brought Tomas more opportunities to perform in 2008 next to Julia Stiles, Haley Bennett and Lily Cole in “Passage”, a Shekhar Kapur film, and in 2011 with a part in “There Be Dragons”. This gave him opportunities to work with experienced actors such as Charlie Cox, Derek Jacobi, Rodrigo Santoro, Wes Bentley as well as many others.

 He has played the part of Francisco Botella, the Spanish Architect that traveled across the Pyrenees during the Spanish Civil war with St Josemaria and six others. After working in several foreign productions, Tomas decided it was necessary to expand his career outside of Argentina and studied at Stella Adler School of Acting in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

This brought attention to him with many people in both the film and music industries, bringing him opportunities to work in commercials, films, music and TV shows. With his charming good looks and addictive personality, this Argentinian heart throb is set to wow audiences all over the world.