Australia’s Harry Thynne

Musician, Harry Thynne

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Harry Thynne, he is a musician and songwriter from the land down under. This talented individual is also a drummer and has produced some awe inspiring bands such as WIM and Drop Tank. Much of Harry’s success can be attributed to his strict upbringing by a musical family. His mother, a gifted pianist encouraged young Harry to try his hand at the musical instrument he felt could be his calling. He wound up playing the drums after a failed attempt at the guitar because he was too small. As time would tell Harry would become a gifted drummer following in his mother’s footsteps of musical success.

Harry Thynne perfected his skills as a drummer and began playing in some punk and heavy metal bands. He found himself doing gigs in underground “warehouse clubs” in and around Sydney Australia. I had to check out Harry Thynne, especially since I was into the whole punk scene growing up myself. While I grew up in the United States, I’ve always like musicians like Sid Vicious and Metalica, both artist who cover the punk and heavy metal genre. Harry Thynne has a kick butt original style to his drumming, a bit quirky, humorous and downright rockin’. I checked out some videos of him playing at the Lansdowne Hotel back a few years with guitarist Nat Grant. Depending on your preference these guys can either make you want to slam dance or run out the door. Definitely not for the weak hearted but personally I was impressed, especially since I’m into that sort of thing. Thynne’s work on the drums keeps things moving at a quick step guaranteed to keep your blood flowing. Grant’s singing and guitar playing sets the stage for the punk mode. I like to compare them to Dr.know, a U.S. band who by the way, is led by lead singer Brandon Cruz . The same guy who played Eddie on “The Courtship of Eddie’s father back in the 70’s. I saw them live and even had a few shots with them back in the day. WIM is a band which seems to be following their footsteps in my opinion.

Harry Thynne has a promising future ahead. With a solid education behind him from schools such as Australian Institute of Music and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and JMC Academy, he’ll be moving ahead of the pack in no time. His music is solid, fast and full of an energy that has no bounds. Don’t take my word for it though, you will if you haven’t already hear more from him soon.

Check out this clip of Harry here.

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