Actor profile- Teo Celigo

The handsome and talented actor, Teo Celigo

Actor Teo Celigo was born in the small seaside city of Koper, Slovenia.  He was involved in a lot of sports as a kid, his parents enrolling him in every one possible to prevent him from taking up the streets.  While he played soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball and even did Rock n’ Roll dancing for a year, Celigo’s true passion was team handball.  His high school team won numerous tournaments around Europe, and were even state champions in 2007.  But while he loved handball, he knew that unless he was able to play for one of the top three teams in Slovenia, he would not be able to play professionally.  So he took up something that had always seemed interesting to him (and his parents surprisingly didn’t sign him up for): acting.

Celigo tried out for AGRFT, the Slovenian academy of theater, radio, film and TV.  While practicing the monologues for his audition, he fell in love with acting and the process of it.  Though he wasn’t accepted at the school, he realized that it was he wanted to do, even though his parents didn’t agree with his choice, wanting him to study law instead.

In 2009, Celigo learned about “Hey Hollywood Here I Come”, a program that put up prospective actors in front of agents.  Using the money he was saving up for a car and with his parents’ permission (they figured he’d “open his eyes” and came back home to study law like they wanted), Celigo flew out to Los Angeles for the audition.  To their surprise, an agent wanted to sign him, but they didn’t hold him back and allowed him to pursue his passion.  Through his agent, Celigo received a scholarship to the prestigious Stella Adler, where he studied for two years to hone his talent and learn about life in general, becoming more aware about the world around him.


Written by Guest Writer: Jeremy Mullin