CHRIS PETROVSKI- A PROFILE- by featured writer Jeremy Mullin

Actor Chris Petrovski


Chris Petrovski is an actor who has appeared in a number of stage plays and shorts films. His most recent work, the critically acclaimed stage play “Mother’s Day”, has been gaining him some attention.

In “Mother’s Day”, a dark comedy about the disintegration of the American family written by Mark Donnelly, Tim McNeil, and Alex Aves and directed by Milton Justice (with additional direction by Alex Aves and Yaitza Rivera), Petrovski played the lead, Danny. The son in the family, Danny escapes into catatonia while waiting for a phone call that will never come, while the rest of his family has their own problems, mother Melody retreating into coffee and illusion as the pressures of motherhood overwhelm her, father Ron burying himself into the newspaper rather than face the realities of his life, and daughter Becky finding refuge in cheerleading. The play does sport some male nudity (no surprise, considering writer Donnelly has not only written screenplays for Showtime, but was also one of the creators of the male strip revue, Chippendales), but has received numerous great reviews from critics.

Petrovski has also appeared in the American classic play “All My Sons”, written by Arthur Miller and directed by Timothy McNeil. He again played the lead, Chris Keller, which itself shows the quality of his work as an actor.

Chris Petrovski on the “Live to tell shoot”

His work isn’t limited to the stage. Petrovski has also appeared in two short films that are making the rounds at the film festivals. One is “Live to Tell”, the story of a gay teenager’s struggle to find his place in the world, written and directed by Jansen Franklin. The other is “Pushing Eternity”, which recently premiered at the Valiean Film Festival. The film was written, directed and produced by Michael Matteo Rossi, who also wrote the AFI awarding winning short “The Last Wish” and the upcoming “Loss of Life”, which also stars Petrovski. Rossi had immediately cast the actor in the new film, saying “I want to cast this kid in every movie I make. Can’t wait to see where he is in 5 to 10 years.”

Petrovski’s work on “Loss of Life”, which made to Valiean as well as the Vegas Cine Festival and the Independent Film Quarterly and makes its feature debut in 2013, recently earned him his work visa and a number of offers for work in feature films. He was cast in three upcoming films, including “Coldwater”, also due in 2013. He is also being courted by the talent agency Momentum, one of the top agencies whose clients include actors from “Glee”, “Medium”, “Weeds”, “Pineapple Express”, “Area 51″, “Girls” and many more. With all his credentials and the attention being thrown his way, there’s no doubt that Chris Petrovski will be going far as an actor.

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