Eddy Salazar’s new film “The Insomniac” in theaters 2013

Eddy Salazar as John Figg in the new thriller “The Insomniac”, set to hit theaters in 2013

Eddy Salazar is not just an actor, he also has his own production company, “Welcome Home Productions”. His latest project, “The Insomniac” is set to hit theaters in 2013. The movie starring, Eddy himself, also features world renowned actors, John Heard and Danny Trejo.  Eddy Salazar plays the role of  John Figg-  a successful professional whose home gets ransacked and robbed, which causes John Figg, into a spiral of despair which leads to his insomnia. The psychological thriller is produced by Salazar’s company, Welcome Home Productions and Eddy also co-wrote the script.

For more on “The Insomniac”, check out www.theinsomniacmovie.com