Sandra Linz- A multi-talented actress

Sandra Linz on the red carpet for Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Sandra Linz began acting and singing at the age of seven, while working as a TV host and reporter for a youth program on a local Berlin TV network in Germany during her teenage years. Sandra’s beauty and talent has brought her a lot of recognition both nationally and internationally in an industry that can be very competitive, as well as cut throat. However, Sandra has remained true to herself and to her craft and is grateful for having a supportive family by her side. Growing up, Sandra was inspired by actors such as Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken for their fearless efforts in taking on so many diverse characters and roles in several of their movies, which helped Sandra’s approach to her own acting career. Sandra Linz, always dreamed of being a successful performer on both the stage and screen and luckily for her, she is now able to do what she loves and made it into a full time career. 

From 2003-2004, Sandra’s big break came during her high school years, when she was cast as “Lara” in “Good Times, Bad Times” which then became the highest rated german daily TV series and had a viewer rate of 22,8% which is a record market volume which equals a record high around 6,85 million viewers in 2004 alone in Germany plus additional 5 million viewers in Austria, Switzerland and other european countries and was awarded in 2003 with the “Golden Camera” and “German Television Award” for best daily series and Sandra, can proudly say she was one of the biggest parts of that amazing success during that time. Sandra continued to work in commercials and TV shows as well as having great parts in films. Sandra then had the opportunity of a lifetime, to work in Japan in commercials, modeling for fashion magazines as well as singing for several rock bands. After working consistently overseas, Sandra decided to relocate to the US to study at the famous Stella Adler Academy of Acting where Alumni such as Academy Award winners Mark Ruffalo, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Robert DeNiro and Marlon Brando studied and where she advanced her very important skills and methods of acting, as well as script writing and preparation under highly acclaimed teachers such as Timothy McNeil , Academy Award winner and professor Milton Justice, the inspirational Christopher Thornton who wrote and acted in Mark Ruffalos’ special Jury prize winner at Sundance Film Festival “Sympathy for Delicious” and the amazing Joanne Linville (Star Trek). 

Since her move to LA, Sandra is fast becoming one of the most sort after actresses in Hollywood and due to her very unique abilities has support from top Hollywood players like the former casting director Joseph D’Agosta from MGM and the acclaimed UCLA professor, book author and actress Sandra Caruso. Sandra was featured in the 2011 movie “Against the Grain” which is produced by top producer Mayon Denton who is now successfully producing “How to Succeed at Birth” as well as upcoming feature film “Spin” for which Sandra is cast in a major role and she appeared in the latest installment of the Sinbad franchise “The Fifth Voyage”. Sandra was also cast as Sofie in “The Extra” by Mike Donahue as well as appearing in the 2010 top award winning film, “Maria My Love” which also stars Judy Marte and Karen Black and was raved by critics and at festivals and became a great success. During this time, Sandra continued modeling in LA and appeared in several other print and TV commercials. Sandra was also cast as Irene in the hugely successful “Beyond Trust” Ad Campaign and in 2007, Sandra sang the commercial song for a Japanese award winning Sofie Commercial. Right now Sandra has several top projects in development and is in the talks as a female lead for an upcoming feature film.  

“Silla” from the “Dreamworld’s series”- Copyright by Fae

On top of being an incredible actress, Sandra Linz is also an amazing artist and sells her art under the name of “Fae”. Here is one of her oil paintings, entitled  “Silla” from her “Dreamworlds Series” by Fae.