Sweden’s Elin Hugoson conquering the acting world!

Actress Elin Hugoson

Elin Hugoson is a talented actress originally from Sweden, now based in Los Angeles, with a blossoming career. After studying at the famous “Stella Adler Academy of Acting” in Hollywood,  Elin has been in many successful productions, including being chosen as one of the lead roles in the new movie “Running to stand still”, based on the 2004 Tsunami, which is already in production. Elin has appeared in the movie “Blood runs cold” as well as stage shows including  “All my sons”, “Dark side of the moon” and as a voiceover actress. Elin currently just wrapped up a starring role in a music video entitled “Tight sweater”, which was filmed on location in Hollywood and has other future projects already up her sleeve. The future looks very bright for this Swedish beauty as she is determined to become a successful actress in the world of film and theater. This is only the beginning for Elin Hugoson-  her exceptional talent, beauty, determination and focus is what sets her aside from many others in her rise to the top of the acting world.

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