Kim Kardashian opens up to Jay Leno about her failed marriage

Kim Kardashian talks to Jay Leno about her failed marriage and how she wishes she listened to her family when it came to her relationship.

In happier times, Kim Kardashian seen here with her former husband, Kris Humphries in an appearance on the Jay Leno Show last year

Reality superstar, Kim Kardashian was a guest on Jay Leno’s show last night and was surprisingly very down to earth and open when asked about her failed marriage. Married to her husband, Kris Humphries for only 72 days, the pair were highly criticized for their Reality TV Wedding, that made them millions and aired on the E! Channel. Soon after, Kim announced she was getting a divorce from Kris and then fled to Australia on a promotional visit, with her sister Khloe. The couple denied that their marriage was a fraud and stated that it all came down to a rush decision in the first place, for them to get married. There was no denying, during their union, that the couple were very much in love, but having their private lives exposed to the world, certainly played a big part in their break up. The former couple, are currently going through a divorce, that is making news amongst the tabloids, once again. On the Jay Leno show, Kim was very sweet and if anything, seemed very shy and was dressed pretty conservatively. Although, she did mention that if she had listened to her family in the first place, she may not have made the mistake of getting married so soon.  It was clear by watching the reality show, that trouble was in the air for the couple, when Kim’s family started to see the signs of a disaster in the making.  Kim will next be seen in her new role on the big screen in Tyler Perry’s ” The Marriage Counselor”.Check out Kims’ appearance on the Jay Leno Show, from last night, below:

Kim Kardashian appears on the Jay Leno Show on Wednesday night

Kim Kardashian, looked stunning in this gorgeous “Music note” dress by Dolce and Gabbana on the Jay Leno Show which aired on NBC wednesday night.