Engineer Attilio Pascal Shares His Fondest Memories of Poet Alda Merini

The Incomparable Alda Merini

Engineer Attilio Pascal has a very important role in the music industry and that is making the best sound possible. He has also taught others about sound recording and engineering in some of the biggest studios in the world alongside some very famous engineers, artists and musicians including: Steve Vai, Dave Weckl, Guthrie Govan, Pat Martino, and George Massenburg to name a few. Attilio was happy to share some of his knowledge and work experiences in a recent interview:

How did you end up working at the Accademia del Suono in Milan?

When I was studying at SAE College in Milan one of my classmates, Timur Semprini, was obsessed with a dream of creating a music school with a new concept that didn’t exist at that time in Italy. After graduating we lost track of each other, but after a few years I got a call from him asking me to go and check what he was building. I went there and I was really enthusiastic about accepting his offer to work in his new music school “Accademia del Suono”.

What does your job title entail?

At the beginning, I was doing everything that needed to be done, like preparing the rooms for the classes, repairing outboards and microphones (basically maintaining all the technology in the school and studios), teaching the art of sound recording, engineering in the studios and the numerous seminars with famous engineers, artists and musicians like Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Dave Weckl, Guthrie Govan, Pat Martino, Jojo Mayer, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Andy Timmons, George Massenburg… After a while, I was so busy engineering that I could not do the rest of the tasks also because I was either directing or recording videos to promote the students and the artists that were playing at the school.

In addition to all these responsibilities, you also worked with the poet Alda Merini?

Yes, it is a little sad to talk about her right now, unfortunately she passed away a few weeks ago. She had a very strong character, she made her first authorial work when she was only fifteen followed by some of the best poems in history. She had a passion for music infact she played piano since she was young. I worked with her on the recording of the album Giovanni Nuti canta (sings) Alda Merini – Rasoi di Seta, which is the re-edit of some of her poems used as lyrics for 21 songs where the singer Giovanni Nuti performs with the precious arrangements of “Maestro” Daniele Ferretti.

What do you remember of Alda Merini?

I will always remember her as a very humble and down to earth person which was not accepted completely by her generation. Nevertheless, like many famous artists I hope that after her death, people will finally recognize her outstanding talent.